InstrumentsCor Anglais


Harmony, fascination and elegance are words that ideally describe the Marigaux Cor Anglais. An instrument of supreme beauty and pure sound, it is even closer to perfection in its new version

  • Semi-automatic, grenadilla wood, silver plated keys

  • Wood rigorously selected and dried for at least four years

  • A new bore and new design of crook, entirely handmade

  • Direct and flexible low register

  • High register rich in harmonics

  • Keywork similar to that of an oboe so as to help the player who frequently plays both instruments

  • A very comfortable distance between the keys

  • Optimal ergonomics : new height and size for C, C# and Eb key (right hand) ; new size for G#, low B/Eb and left F key (left hand) ; new Eb – low B link ; half-hole key height now adjustable ; longer Ab key, located in a lower position

  • Optimal control of the instrument : adjustable thumb rest now adjusts lower, including a harness ring ; curve of crooks adjusted for less fatigue while playing


Cor Anglais

Grenadilla wood – Silver plated keys

930 Semi-automatic
935 Semi-automatic
940 Full-automatic

Violet wood – Gold plated keys

932 Semi-automatic
942 Full-automatic

cor anglais 932

Altuglass – Gold plated keys

933 Semi-automatic

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