InstrumentsOboe – Line 2000


“Freedom and steady flow” are some words musicians have used to describe the 2000 series oboe

  • Semi-automatic, grenadilla wood, silver plated keys

  • Wood rigorously selected and dried for at least four years

  • Extended G key, G# and long F keys ergonomically re-designed

  • Adjustable thumb-rest

  • Adjustment screw which lowers D ring to facilitate D to G slide (top octave)

  • Right hand little finger : C, C#, Eb re-designed ; C, C# slide-facilitated

  • Re-shaped bell

Hautbois Ligne 2000 - 200


Oboe – Line 2000

hautbois 2001

Grenadilla wood – Silver plated keys

2001/2001A* Semi-automatic
2010 Full-automatic

* The 2001A model is available in the United States and Canada in 2019; and in other countries from 2020

Grenadilla wood – Gold plated keys

2008 Semi-automatic
2018 Full-automatic

hautbois 2008

Violet wood – Gold plated keys

2007 Semi-automatic
2017 Full-automatic

Altuglass – Gold plated keys

2009 Semi-automatic

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