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The Marigaux M2 oboe required several years of research and resulted in the filing of international patents. All the Marigaux know-how is in this oboe. Personalised instrument with individual choice of head-joints

  • Semi-automatic, grenadilla wood, silver plated keys

  • Wood rigorously selected, dried for at least four years

  • Head-joints are interchangeable to suit individual needs, and to facilitate versatility of tuning, colour, depth and fluidity of sound

  • Limited risk of cracking

  • The instrument is assembled by aligning the octave key pillar with the plate on the main body of the oboe

  • Additional composite head-joint : no risk of cracking

  • New positioning of the half-hole key gives better tuning on D’s and Db’s and improved performance on top octave D’s to Eb’s

  • Long F key is height-adjustable

  • Ergonomically improved Bb, B and Eb keys

  • Improved positioning of G and G# keys thanks to the removal of the middle joint ring

Hautbois Ligne m2

Head-joints for an oboe Marigaux M2

Personalised instrument, individual choice of head-joints, streamlined design, improved tuning and head-joint lengths available:

eXtra-short, standard and long

Head M2 Standard

Grenadilla wood, silver plated keys

Head M2 Standard

Composite, silver plated keys

Head M2 eXtra-short

Grenadilla wood/ Composite, silver plated keys

Head M2 Long

Grenadilla wood/ Composite, silver plated keys

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